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When it comes to recruitment, your business has two options – hire people yourself or hire a specialist who can hire someone for you! While doing the former sounds enticing, trust us when we say that your best decision would be to put your faith in an external staffing agency, to fulfill your hiring needs.
Here are some reasons as to why choosing an external staffing solutions partner could be right for you. Here’s why you should hire a recruitment agency for long-term or temporary hire. Let’s get started!

1. New to the market/industry and need an expert’s opinion?
Oftentimes, when VCs invest in a company or when one business takes over or merges with another, you’ll see that the C-suite may not have extensive knowledge about the hiring needs of the company they’re now running. In that case, having employment agencies that know what type of people to hire, can be a great way to ensure you don’t compromise on the quality of talent you’re bringing in.

2. Want to hire the best people for the job, but don’t know where to find them?
Trust the experts! Even if you have in depth knowledge about a particular market/industry, it isn’t necessary that you know where the good candidates are or how to find them. An experienced long-term hire or temp agency will be adept at this. They’ll know what job boards / websites premium quality candidates will have posted their resumes on. The recruitment agency will also keep up with hiring trends, which helps them find, vet, and hire the best people for the roles you’re looking to fill.

3. Need more time to focus on your core business tasks?
Sure, you can do new hire recruitments and onboardings yourself. But, think about the time and effort that goes into finding the perfect candidate, interviewing them, doing a background check, negotiating compensation, onboarding them, and training them for the job.
That’s a lot of time and work. This process can take weeks, sometimes months! What about your core functions then? If your company focus is research, product development, technology-supported services, content creation, etc., you may end up neglecting your regular business and end up compromising the quality of work you provide. You’d be smarter trusting an external staffing solutions provider to take care of your recruitment needs, allowing you to direct your focus back to your business!

4. You want to reduce employee turnover!
A wrong hiring decision can result in employee turnover. Did you know that it costs about 6-9 months’ salary of the lost hire, to find a replacement candidate to fill the vacated post? This can be a huge financial burden for your company!
In addition to these expenses, think about the wasted hours of training, the half-completed jobs, and the resulting loss of customer patronage. All of these can be avoided by making sound hiring decisions by devoting time to finding the right candidate.
This time and the resources to hire such a candidate are available only with experienced employment agencies.

5. Maintain your workforce’s morale!
What would the psychological impact be on other employees within your company if new hires just starting quitting one after the other? One sure-fire way of uplifting your team’s morale is to hire in a way, that reduces (if not completely eliminates) employee attrition. A long-term or temp agency can help you with this.
Other factors that affect your workforce’s morale are timely salary payments, feeling valued, and feeling that they are compensated accordingly. Many staffing agencies like EmpHire in Miami and Plantation Florida, offer extremely personalized recruitment services that go beyond recruitment and selection. These include onboarding assistance, payroll management, ACA benefits management, etc. When your employees are given their payment and other benefits on time, they are less likely to leave. They are also more likely to refer quality candidates for future openings!

6. Don’t want to spend on hiring a new team full-time Recruiter!
Hiring your own full-time team of Recruiters can be expensive for you! What if you have a temp hiring requirement for a short-term project? You don’t want to waste precious finances having a full-time Recruiter whose job lasts only a span of a few weeks/months. It isn’t just the Recruiter you’d be spending on either. You’ll need state-of-the-art technology for job posting, resume processing, video conferencing (for interviews), attendance & payroll management, etc. and most importantly, time to use it all to find the right person! Not only is this time consuming, but it can be a drain on your pockets too.
An external recruitment agency will already have the required tools you need to hire the best candidates for the job and manage other post-hiring tasks.

7. Don’t have the time or resources to train new hires after hiring?
Let’s say you need to urgently fill a position and you don’t have the time or resources to train a new hire yourself. What then?
When you have an employment agency working for you, you can direct them to find candidates who have the specific skill sets and expertise that you need. You can let them know that you want candidates already trained in certain facets or who already have certain skills/experience. The recruiter will the search and find such candidates for you, saving you tons of time and effort!

8. Want to try a new hire on for fit and then decide about keeping them onboard or not?
Did you know that you could try out a new hire before committing to them full time? In fact, a temp agency like EmpHire can help you find candidates for temporary projects or contractual hires. You can try the employees out to make sure they fit in with your team and have the right skills you need to get the job done! If everything works out, EmpHire can assist you with making that candidate a long-term addition to your company. This is a great way to reduce the risk you take on by hiring a candidate who’s new to the workforce or whose background you haven’t been able to completely verify.
At EmpHire, we have offices based in Dade and Broward county, but we also have extensive experience providing both temporary and long-term staffing solutions to companies across the US! Contact us today to discuss your recruitment needs, and how we can help!

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