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Yiri Castillo

Phone: 954-382-8240

Position: Vice President of Human Resources & Staffing Operations

Yiri Castillo is a Staffing Manager with EmpHire of almost 12 years, who started her Career with them in March of 2008 as a Staffing Consultant. In 2015, Yiri took the role of Staffing Manager with EmpHire, and in October of 2019 took over management of EmpHire’s Government sector and Human Resources and Benefits Administration. Yiri’s Career in the Staffing Industry began as a Recruiter with a Real Estate Firm at their Outbound Call Center, and shortly before joining EmpHire she was a Recruiter and Staffing Consultant with a National Staffing Firm. Mrs. Castillo has a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Human Resources, as well as a Certification in Human Resource Management. She is a Notary Public of 6+ years. Yiri is truly passionate about EmpHire and the Staffing industry in general. Her primary focus is creating a positive Client and Candidate experience and continuously improving processes into something dynamic and efficient. Brought together by the shared passion for the Staffing Industry and EmpHire, Yiri is Happily married to her husband Jose since April of 2015. Together they have 2 beautiful children, Noah and Juliana. Yiri is firm believer in finishing everything you start, and that you learn something new every day.

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