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Not every company needs to hire full-time employees. You may want to keep your workforce on a temporary basis, hiring specialists as each project requires. In that case, it’s important to hire a reputed temp staffing agency to take care of your recruitment needs.

But, with so many temp employment agencies available for hire, how can you choose the right one? In this article, we’ll explore the top things you need to consider when deciding which professional temp staffing agency to partner with for your future talent.

1. Determine which roles are temporary and how often you’ll need to hire for them

The very first thing to know is what types of roles are temporary in your company.

  • Are all roles temp or just a few?
  • Which department has the highest temp workforce?
  • Is it operational or creative or strategic roles that have temp employees?
  • How long do temp workers stay on in your company?
  • Do you ever extend temp staffing contracts with hires?
  • Answering these and related questions can help you get clarity about what type of hiring you want to do. Plus, you’ll have better knowledge when approaching a temp staffing agency for your hiring needs.

    2. Consider if any new temp roles will be introduced mid-year

    In addition to the temp roles that you normally hire for each year, consider if any new temp roles might be added to your roster as the year progresses.

    As your company grows, you may find that you need a staff member to do a completely new-to-your-company job. For example, as a factory, you may have only been hiring for your warehouse staff, manufacturing/operations staff, and bookkeeping staff. But as your business grows, you may want to hire a temporary marketing specialist for digital marketing.

    In that case, your professional temp staffing agency should be able to hire for these roles, even if they haven’t hired for such roles (for you) before.

    3. Narrow down on required skills and expertise you need from applicants

    When it comes to temp recruitment, you’re already working with a new hire on a shortened schedule. You don’t have the time or resources to invest in training your temp staff once they’ve been onboarded. You’ll want them to come prepared with the required skill sets. Specify these skills and expertise to your recruiter. Keep in mind any trending skills or new-age courses that might be of added benefit to the work they will be doing.

    If you’re unsure what skills this temp role might need, ask your recruiter to consider benchmarked competitors who hire for similar roles and then recruit based on the skill sets they hire for.

    4. Calculate your recruitment budget

    Next, calculate and earmark the budget for recruitment. Usually, companies let their recruiting agencies know what their fixed annual budget is and the agency then fits their process into that budget. Usually, external recruiters can charge anywhere between 20% and 40% of the new hire’s base salary, as their recruitment charges.

    5. Check if the temp employment agency has experience hiring for such roles/candidates

    It’s true that recruiting agencies customize their temp staffing process to suit their client’s express candidate profile needs. But, it’s important to note that not all temp recruiters have experience hiring for all roles. For example, your IT recruiter may know nothing about hiring for creative roles and vice versa. Your chosen professional temp staffing agency might be a head hunter and not a mass hirer.

    So, it’s important to check if your chosen temp employment agency has hired for the specific roles/candidates you’re looking for. Ask them for examples of relevant hires they’ve made in the past. Take references from them that you can check up on later.

    6. Find out what services will and won’t be included in your contract

    This is one of the most important things you need to know before selecting a temp staffing agency for your business, is the type of services that will be included in your contract with them.

    Some temp employment agencies may only help with the initial hiring. They may create JDs, post the roles on job boards or hiring sites, vet resumes, organize interviews, negotiate compensation and hand the new hire over for onboarding.

    Other temp recruiting agencies like EmpHire also offer other services, such as payroll and attendance management when the temp hire is employed with you. They also monitor and report on employee performance on-the-job, while also providing safety & health solutions. They also specialize in converting temp hires to long-term hires, if you prefer that at a later date. Hiring a recruiter at EmpHire for completely customized temp staffing can be a great way to get quality hires and robust service.

    When choosing your recruiter, it’s important to determine the turnaround time for each hire and finalizing on things like failure rates, refunds, etc.

    7. Check if your assigned recruiters are in-sync with your internal hiring managers or not

    If possible, ask your shortlisted professional temp staffing agency to put you in touch with the recruiters who will be closely working with you. It’s imperative that you find out if they are aware of your hiring manager’s bespoke needs and specifications. Are they knowledgeable about your company’s growth and what is expected out of temp hires? Do the recruiters have clarity about the job description themselves?

    Answering these questions is very important since it will tell you if there is alignment between the temp staffing agency and your business, or not.

    8. Read existing reviews or reach out to other companies for feedback about the recruitment service

    Finally, once you’ve checked all of the above and you find that the services and cost match your expectations, it’s time for the final check. You need to know if previous clients have had a good experience working with a recruiter or not.

    If there is any recruiter-business mismatch/trouble, companies are likely to experience it after the first few months of hiring the recruiter. If previous clients have experienced trouble with a temp staffing agency, they’ll have most likely written about it on Google reviews or on Quora or Reddit, etc.

    Find reviews about your shortlisted recruiter to check if their start-to-finish services are reliable or not. If you can, speak to old clients directly to know their experience first-hand. At EmpHire, we have offices at both Plantation Pavilion and Miami in Florida. We have hired for companies that are located in Miami, Plantation Pavilion, and the rest of the United States as well.

    We are happy to give you references from past clients (some of whom are still loyal patrons of many years). Feel free to find out their personal experience working with our temp staffing agency.

    Our team has extensive experience providing customized temp staff recruitment services to companies across industries. Contact our experts today to discuss your temp hiring needs.

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