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About Us

EmpHire - HR Solutions Company

We have been serving the business community in South Florida since 1991.

We have network of offices to benefit our clients across the country.

Our Network affiliation has not only allowed us to develop a National network of offices, but benefits our clients and our company in three critical areas:

  • Superior Information Systems - State-of-the-art software and systems allow EmpHire to efficiently staff unique, custom and large projects with quality personnel; produce precise invoices and process payments quickly and consistently in paper or electronic format; and provide clients with information to help measure performance and manage costs.
  • Assured Compliance - Our Network Support Center provides EmpHire with access to a centralized bank of all H.R., tax and regulatory laws, ensuring consistent compliance with all Federal, State and local requirements.
  • Risk Management- Professional Risk Management Services combined with nationwide Property, Casualty, Workers' Compensation, Liability and Employee Benefit insurance protects EmpHire clients, and maintains the lowest possible cost.

EmpHire works with each client when applying its expertise in Human Capital Management to deliver the right workforce, at the right price, when it is needed; in other words, for the best value.

EmpHire's processes and delivery execution are also the reasons for the long-term relationships it enjoys with its clients. The top 25 EmpHire client partnerships have an average tenure of 6.5 years, with many extended indefinitely.

Finding people who have the right skills and are the right fit for your organization is no accident. For over 18 years, EmpHire has delivered tailored workforce solutions to meet the needs of Light Industrial, Clerical, Accounting, Logistics, Distribution, Assembly, Manufacturing, Government Services, Hospitality, Special Events, Direct Hire, Professional Services and Long Term Contingent Staffing.

Companies of all types and sizes are using EmpHire.